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New patch coming out!

A new patch is coming out with some nice additions! 

New features include:

Freeride New Features:
- Pressing 'X' or 'Space' during gameplay instantly builds a lift.
- Supports are now automatically deleted when the coaster collides with them. This is for freeride only. This feature allows players to carve out paths through dense support areas.
- Pressing 'Alt' or 'Shoulder' toggles slow motion mode with increased turn speed. This allows players to detail intricate and tight coasters.
- Maximum G Force restriction removed.
- Added 'Freeride Launch Speed' to options menu.

Campaign New Features:
- Level Select allows for both selecting of levels and downloading coasters. This allows players to filter and download coasters by Level.

Please join the Roller Coaster Rampage group in Steam for updates!


NEWS 6/29/12

New patch has been uploaded!

PLEASE NOTE: The high altitude render glitch was fixed in the beta patch uploaded June 24th, and in the official patch released June 25th. The issue with the train sometimes derailing while riding an unfinished coaster has also been fixed and is available on Steam for download. This issue only affected unfinished coasters.


A new patch for Roller Coaster Rampage is available for download. This build includes 3D Stereo support, new options, and fixes. We are happy to announce that Roller Coaster Rampage received a 2x platinum grade for its 3D Vision Stereo support. The latest build also includes the following new features:

An 'Options' page from the 'Main Menu' which includes the following:

- Windowed/Fullscreen Toggle
- Resolution and Refresh Settings
- 3D Stereo Enable
- Side by Side or 3D Vision Mode
- Convergence Settings
- Eye Separation Settings
- Music Enable/Disable
- There are now in game hot keys for adjusting the stereo effect while playing, '9' and '0' for Eye separation, '-' and '=' for Convergence.

Additional updates include:

- Per customer requests
- The timer in Freeride has been removed
- Freeride height limit has been capped at 500 feet
- Freeride high altitude graphic glitch fixed
- Freeride collision error for completed tracks fixed
- Main menu input is now mouse only
- Campaign and Freeride will use the controller during gameplay if it is detected
- Freeride now saves options data

NOTE: Fullscreen mode is now selectable from the Main Menu Options page. For Steam, if you added -fullscreen to your launch options as a temporary fix, please remove it before running the new build.


3D Vision Blog

"If you like Indie games that offer simple and fun gameplay experience and with nice stereoscopic 3D effect on top, then you probably will not be disappointed by Roller Coaster Rampage."

See the full review here.

Roller Coaster Rampage Review - IGN Entertainment

With its freeform, arcade-style gameplay that lets you build some truly insane coasters and then ride them in first-person, Roller Coaster Rampage indulges all my wildest childhood "what ifs."... "It's an inventive approach to coaster crafting that allows for some real artistry and intuition in the tracks you make"

The complete article can be found here.

MTBS3D - The #1 Stereoscopic 3D Gaming Resource

"Roller Coaster Rampage was made with 3D support in mind, and it certainly shows. There are no 3D issues at all. Not only is the game perfectly playable in 3D, but given how important it is to collect objects floating in the air, 3D is absolutely preferable." Plagiarise from MTBS3D

"The game is completely free of anomalies, with controllable eye separation and convergence. The 3D is handled very well. The gameplay is hard to describe. It is a puzzler/ time trial/ snake game. But after you have 'raced' the track, the rollercoaster you have created (snake style) can be ridden. EVERY 3D gamer should experience this. The first person ride view WORKS. Easily worth the £7/$9 ticket. :)" AnysonofBob from MTBS3D

Full reviews can be found here and here.

Roller Coaster Rampage Grade - 2x Nivida Platinum for 3D Vision support

Lazy Games Reviews

"It's not like anything else I have ever really played. It takes risks by doing something very different. A really intriguing Idea. You can go crazy, making really weird coasters that are really impossible."

A Noob's Review

"Honestly I have to say I really enjoyed this. You can go incredibly far when it comes to building and designing these things and do a lot of crazy tricks that you wouldn't be able to do with your standard roller coaster editor. It is a lot of fun to ride these roller coasters in the simulator afterwards."



Welcome to a roller coaster sim like you've never seen!

Roller Coaster Rampage is a fast paced, high-scoring, competitive rollercoaster simulator with destructive environments!

Players compete to perform the best manual maneuvers, collect the most gems, link to the most track sections, and gain first place on the leaderboards!

Finished coaster creations, built in real time, can be saved and uploaded to Steam Workshop to be downloaded and ranked by the Steam community.

Roller Coaster Rampage revolutionizes the coaster genre by introducing on-the-fly track construction and deformation. In previous games the coaster riding experience was a passive, non-interactive experience. Roller Coaster Rampage introduces an innovative approach, and a specialized procedural coaster engine that allows players to build coasters in real-time as they ride them. Players leave behind a trail of procedurally-generated coaster tracks and supports, which then become obstacles as the player circles back. While riding players can also dynamically connect to isolated track segments like loops, cobra rolls, bat wings, and barrel rolls. With these innovative game features and engine technology players can now build coasters while enjoying a fast paced, arcade style, roller coaster racing simulator.




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